Modern Upholstery
About This Project

This beautiful Captain chair, was a project from son to dad, found at an auction By my client.

This antique chair needed some wood repairs and a new look.

After stripping off the fabric and renovating the wood, my client wanted genuine leather.

Leather can be really expensive, depending on the project you want to reupholster, genuine leather is usually not sold by the meter.

Because it is an original skin, the shape cannot be square but more in an animal shape which mean lots of curve and loss of fabric .

Leather skin come basically in the size of a cow, so if you have few furniture to do might be interesting otherwise it can get expensive if you only have 1 small item;

I suggested to my client to go for a leather imitation: Leatherette.

Leatherette can be wipe and have other advantages that leather don’t and vise & versa.

Leatherette will peel with the time but if you nourish your leather often enough, leather can last for years.

Nowadays, you can find amazing imitation that look like real leather.

Like on this Captain chair


We went for a slightly, lighter brown to have a contrast between the wood and the leatherette & to frame graciously the shape, some old spec decorative nails did the perfect job.