Cherry & Ash footstool


Chris Tuohy, a passionate designer and maker hailing from the scenic landscapes of West Cork. The year 2020, with its global challenges, brought an unexpected silver lining to his life. Stuck at home, he stumbled upon a dormant passion for woodwork that reignited with fervour. This period of introspection and creativity led him back to the joys of crafting with wood, a medium that now forms the cornerstone of his artistic expression.

Chris journey in the world of craftsmanship is not confined to wood alone. He is deeply intrigued by the rich tapestry of techniques and ideas that span across various craft disciplines. This curiosity fuels his desire to integrate and experiment, blending these diverse methods to discover fresh, innovative approaches in his work. Each piece he creates is a testament to this exploration, where traditional woodworking meets the vibrant influences of other crafts, resulting in unique and inspired creations.

Join Chris as he navigates this creative path, continually seeking new ways to push the boundaries of design and making.

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Footstool: Cherry and Ash solid wood frame. Handwoven Danish Paper Cord seat.
38cm L x 38cm W x 36cm H
The size and wood choice can be customised.

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