Mid Century Armchairs


Height 95cm

Length Of Base 60cm

Gorgeous velvet from Christina Marrone, High quality easy clean fabric

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Laure recently discovered a pair of gorgeous mid-century armchairs at a treasure trove in Cork called “It’s a Deal,” a charming shop known for its beautiful yet neglected pieces. Simon, the owner, curates an eclectic mix of furniture that often requires a bit of TLC to restore its former glory.

These armchairs, with their sleek lines and classic mid-century design, immediately caught Laure’s eye. Despite their initial state, with disintegrating foam and worn-out fabric, she saw their potential. Determined to breathe new life into them, Laure embarked on a reupholstery project. Instead of opting for patterned fabric, she decided to work with colors and depth to create a striking visual impact. She chose a creamy hue for the sides and front, complemented by a luxurious plum velvet for the seat and backrest.

Laure meticulously replaced the old foam with high-quality materials, ensuring comfort and durability. The result is a stunning blend of past and present, with the mid-century armchairs now revitalized and ready to be the centerpiece of any room. Laure’s skillful reupholstery work not only saved these beautiful pieces but also showcased the charm and character that can be found in every corner of “It’s a Deal.”

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