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Fabric Consultation


At ELLE AIME, we take pride in our products being designed to meet specific requirements. That’s why Laure has made it a priority to stay intimately involved in the entire process, from crafting each item to providing a unique buying experience for our customers. So whether it’s an antique chaise longue, a new lampshade, or your Grandma’s favourite chair that needs an update, ELLE AIME can create a unique, bespoke item that reflects the personality & and needs of your home.

This specialised design service caters to individuals who possess a clear vision of their desired outcome. If you’ve already curated a collection of your dream piece inspirations and identified your preferred colour palette, our service is tailored to provide valuable insights and guidance specifically in areas such as optimal light fixture choices and selecting the perfect hue for the coving.
Experience a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective consultation with our adept in-house bespoke designer. Bring forth your inquiries and uncertainties, as we are equipped with profound interior expertise to address your concerns and provide well- informed recommendations. Your quest for a harmonious and well-advised design solution starts here!

Consultation in Store from €40. The consultation duration lasts 1 hour however this may vary depending on the scope of the project.

This amount will be deducted on your final invoice.


Looking to rejuvenate your living space? Our Consultation service is the perfect solution. Whether you’re seeking a new colour scheme, fresh furniture pieces, and/or updated lighting, we’re here to assist. Our comprehensive service brings your vision to life, providing personalised guidance every step of the way.

Here’s what our Interior Consultation includes:
-Home Consultation/Site Visit: We’ll visit your home to understand your needs and assess the space.
-Customised Interior Guide: We will have a look at fabric collection books and take the measurements needed. We will do a list that aligns with your budget and taste. We go though a personalised colour palette for you furniture and new lighting.
-Project Pricing: We will conduct an on-site estimate and provide you with a close estimate for the work.
-Collection and Deliveries: Once you agree to the estimate, we will collect your beloved piece(s), and after reupholstering, we will deliver it to your door.(please note that for large items we will book a professionals for collection/delivery for you)
From €150 -This price is an estimate, it may increase or decrease depending on the location. Available anywhere in ROI

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