There are many reasons why one would reupholster their furniture.


Often, the pieces that are brought to me are family heirlooms, genuine antiques or simply a beloved armchair too hard to part with. For some clients, they want to reimagine and redesign their furniture with autonomy, others will want to restore it to a former glory. It’s an entirely personal decision that I’m fortunate enough to help realise.

To reupholster your furniture, is to strip it right down to its bare form and build it back up – allowing you total control. From the quality of the fabric to the firmness of the seat to the overall finished look. Guaranteeing you, your own unique piece that is sure to last.

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Modern Upholstery

Modern Upholstery makes use of synthetics; such as foam, polyester and strong glue. (Recommended For Modern Furnishings)

Staples are used to fix the layers, which makes the process, faster and less expensive. Modern upholstery does not typically last as long as the Traditional, but holds the same level of comfort.

Traditional Upholstery

The Traditional Method makes use of natural fibres, layered upon each other; such as horse hair (or coconut coir), wool, cotton calico, and hemp.
The seats are created with webbing and springs. A sophisticated stitching technique is then applied to the stuffing to create firm & defined edges.

When cared for correctly, Traditional pieces can last well over 80 years, as is evidenced by the sheer amount of pre industrial furnishings still with us today.

Bespoke Cushions

Bespoke Cushions are made to measure, fully customised and a great addition of comfort to outdoor seating, window sills or conservatory furniture, with a choice, of foam or feather inner. 

Fabric Consultation

For some, choosing fabric is a daunting task. With so many colours, patterns, prints & textures, it can be hard to know where to start. Working with you and to your tastes, from a collection of hand selected fabrics we can narrow down your choice, to create something personal and unique.